In light of the recent EU referendum results, we’re leaving Europe. This is a disappointing result for the future generations for a whole host of reasons which I’m not going to go into. The economics of the EU are extremely beneficial to the UK when you look at the actual facts and evidence. Any educated human being is capable of researching and looking at the facts to make an informed decision. This has been echoed in the financial markets which have fallen off a cliff. The world can see how bad of a decision this has actually been for the UK and the confidence the global economy now has in the future of the UK.

And here lies the problem. This referendum to leave the EU has been won on heresy, lies, bigotry and xenophobia. Honestly, as a country, a leading global economy and as a country part of the G7, I thought we were better than this. It is a sad time to be British. In the days of the internet and Google, ignorance is an active choice. The level of deceit on the leave campaign has been out of this world.

Understandably people were confused as the answer wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter. And the final result just goes to show how this confusion ultimately resulted in people voting with their gut instinct, based on no facts, which were being manipulated by the propaganda in the newspapers. No-one can tell you how to vote, it is your choice, but please, vote based on facts not the propaganda that you read in the newspapers. Remember a time when fast food chains and fizzy drinks manufacturers claimed that their products were healthy? Do you still believe them now? No, you don’t, and this is because you have facts that prove otherwise.

As a leading country on the global field we should be truly leading the way in every aspect of people’s lives. I’m not talking about economics, I’m talking about integration. Running various online businesses and being a frequent traveller around the world to experience different cultures, it is clear for me to see how small the world really is these days. As a leading country, we should be bringing everyone closer together and not putting up barriers to ‘keep people out’. A leading country in the world would understand this and promote integration. It is the backwards thinking countries who aim to isolate and segregate those who are different. This type of behaviour and opinions do not belong in the 21st century.

Based on this referendum result, we are going to have a tough number years ahead. I do hope that common sense prevails in the long run, although common sense often proves not to be as common as one would hope. This result is going to have a deep impact on families throughout the UK in years to come.

Thankfully, there are signs of hope for the future. The most metropolitan areas of the UK where the future generations are currently residing they have clearly understood this. By their very nature, the metropolitan cities are inclusive, diverse and celebrate differences. They aim to integrate, not segregate. And this is a good thing. To the wonderful people of Manchester, Leeds Liverpool, Scotland (go you!), London, Brighton and many more – well done.

Onwards and upwards. The cards have been dealt and the people have spoken. While I do not agree with the referendum results and this does concern me where we are heading as a society, it is for everyone to pull together and think long and hard about what the future holds. We are at a tipping point as a nation, people have never been more split and disgruntled, whether that is based on this EU referendum, the income inequality that exists throughout the country or the seemingly endless cuts to vital services affecting hundreds of thousands of people’s lives. The EU forced the UK government to invest in areas outside the South East, I doubt the UK government would do that voluntarily. Time will tell how much of an impact this really has. It’s time we get things back on track and start improving the lives of everyone in the UK and globally and we can only do this when we think and work together as a society.