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Speaking - Michael Cropper


Regular speaker at various events including;

  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Digital insights
  • Manchester and London based digital meetups and events

Get in touch if you are looking for someone to speak at your event about the digital world we live in and where things area heading.

Workshops run on a 1-2-1 basis for businesses, in-house development / marketing teams and more. Get in touch if you would like Michael to deliver a bespoke in-house training workshop for your teams.

Core topics speaking about;

  • Business and entrepreneurship: Tech startups, startup businesses, business ownership, running a business
  • Digital marketing & website development:┬áDigital, website technologies including web hosting, emails, WordPress, Java, frameworks & design patterns, business email addresses, SEO, PPC, Google Analytics, email marketing and more.
  • Digital trends: Where things are heading now and in the near future

Having worked with many leading brands with the UK, Michael’s expertise is highly specialised by focusing all of the above and more topics around revenue growth for businesses and how each of the above can significantly impact revenue for businesses when things go wrong.