SEO Tools

Working in the SEO industry there is often a need for various SEO tools to help with debugging websites or making life easier by having a script to do the manual work. This page is going to list any SEO tools which I have created myself to make my life easier. Hopefully they will be useful for others as well. The list of tools will likely grow in time as and why I have the time to create them. 


URI Encoder / Decoder 

Link: URI Encoder / Decoder Tool

Easily encode / decode text for debugging purposes. Sometimes errors are identified but aren’t actual errors and this tool can help figuring that out. 


Excel Tips & Tricks

Link: Excel Tips & Tricks for SEO

Quick reference showing some awesome Excel functions & tricks that I find useful.


Simple Sitemap Generator

Link: Simple Sitemap Generator

Quick any easy way to generate XML sitemaps without any limitations on the number of URLs you can include.