HCard Rich Snippet on Superbreak

It looks like Google is testing a new form of Rich Snippets within the search results. When searching for “theatre breaks” on Google you will see the second listing from Superbreak having some extra information within its listing.

Looking at how they have done this it appears to be marking up their content on the page using the HCard Rich Snippet available from Google.

The code that generates this rich snippet is the following

<divmso-bidi-font-weight: normal">vcard">
<a href="#content" id="skipNav">Skip Navigation</a>
<amso-bidi-font-weight:normal">fn org url" href="/" title="Book your short breaks &amp; last minute holidays online with Superbreak, no.1 for travel deals and hotel accommodation">Superbreak Mini-Holidays</a>
<div id="topRight">
<li><span class="callTxt">Call: </span><spanmso-bidi-font-weight:normal">tel title">0871 221 3344</span> <img src="http://img1.superbreak.net/content/images/icons/phone-help.gif" alt="Telephone information" title="Telephone information"   /></li>
<li id="lockIcon">
100% secure shopping
<div id="quickSearch">
<div id="quickSearchInner">
<form action="/Search/QuickSearch" method="post">
<label for="quickSearchQuery">Find a Hotel:</label>
<select id="qsSearchType">
<option value="Location">Location</option>
<option value="Hotel">Hotel Name</option>
<option value="Postcode">Postcode</option>
<input id="quickSearchQuery" maxlength="50" name="SearchQuery" size="15" value="" />
<input type="submit" value="Search" id="btnSubmit"   />
<div id="quickSearchBot">&nbsp;</div>

The important bits within the code above are the classes wrapped around the content of the page

  • Fn / org
  • URL
  • Adr (address)
  • Tel
  • Geo (not in the above though)

For full documentation on how to do this from Google, hCard

This is another great example of how as SEO’s we need to be doing everything possible for Google to access our content since this can mean being the ‘first kid on the block’ when Google does decide to use some of the data. Being proactive is far more efficient than being reactive.

As for whether we want to provide all of this content to Google from a business perspective, well that is another discussion altogether! (although they do have access to most of it already anyways if they require)

White Chocolate Cheesecake and Rich Snippets

Whilst planning the Xmas meal this year I was searching for a good white chocolate cheesecake recipe and stumbled upon this in the SERPs

And this..

This is a great way to make your listing stand out from the crowd in the SERPs and will increase the Click Through Rate (CTR) when people see your listing.

It is extremely simple to mark up the content on your website to get included within the SERPs for this. All that is needed is to use Rich Snippets which is a way to structure the content of your pages so that Google can easily read it and display it to the user.

In the examples above, the particular type of Rich Snippet that has been used is “hrecipe” which as you may have guessed….is for a recipe.

The BBC has gone one step further and incorporated the “hreview-aggregate” Rich Snippets within their content which is why their listing has “5 Star 14 reviews” next to their listing. To do this on your own site you need to enable reviews to be left of the item being talked about.

A good example of this is people leaving reviews of The Lowry Hotel, Manchester on LateRooms;

So if you have any of the following content on your website then you need to mark it up correctly to increase the traffic to your site;

And if anyone is wondering which chocolate cheesecake recipe I decided on…. This white chocolate cheesecake seems to be the best one I found :-)