Google Answering Questions in Autocomplete

Well this is something I haven’t seen before, Google answering questions in the autocomplete. 



I find it quite strange how Google is showing these types of answers from only typing in 3 characters. While the conversion calculator is very useful on Google, I wouldn’t have thought that it would be one of the top searches to warrant showing in the autocomplete. 

Has anyone else spotted this before or seen any similar examples of this in action? 


Google Auto Suggest Listing Websites You Have Never Visited



I don’t think I need to say anything other than that and show the screenshot below – where the auto suggest on Google is listing websites that I have never visited before;



I’ve seen this before where Google shows websites that you have previously visited, but never for websites that you have never actually visited before. 

Anyone else seen this before? Another Google test?


Google Testing Grey Navigation Bar

Just spotted that Google are testing a grey navigation bar instead of the usual black one. It makes the browser look a lot more like what you would expect to see while using your computer’s file system opposed to an internet browser. Maybe this is Google’s way of getting people used to interacting with the web in this fashion, which should make the move to ‘The Cloud’ / Google Drive a smoother transition. 

Grey Navigation Bar



Usual Black Navigation Bar





Do you think this will stick around?



Book Series Showing in Search Results

While browsing around the web today I noticed something that I have never seen before which is that Google is showing book series as direct answers within the search results, and (as you would expect with Google’s usual evil ways) this is above all of the other natural search results. 

Below is a screenshot from for the search term “Harry Potter Books”



As you can see some (but not all!) of the Harry Potter books have been listed directly there. Is this one of the first major pushes/tests from Google around using their knowledge graph changes in a different way? 

When you click on the “Show Details” button you get the following information which clearly shows that Google realise this method is by no means perfect;



Then whenever you click on either “Yes” or “No” you simply get presented with a message in its place which says “Thank you for your feedback.”

When searching for “Twilight Books” I get a slightly different piece of information displayed along with places where you can actually buy the books, which may suggest this is an implementation of the paid inclusion shopping feeds, who knows. 



I have certainly never seen this before, but I always just go straight to Amazon and search for books on there so I may be completely behind the times on this one as I was in an earlier post about how I thought it was new to see images within a Google instant search :-) 


Google Testing Images in Instant Search

Spotted a nice little test that Google is running at the moment whereby images are being listed in instant search as seen below;



And when adding the next letter;



This is not something that I have seen before and couldn’t get any images to display when checking on another computer. It will be interesting if this does roll out on a wider scale as this puts more emphasis towards thinking about multiple types of content on a website and not just the basic text.

It also puts more emphasis towards image optimisation such as making sure the file name is descriptive, the ALT text is also descriptive and the surrounding text is talking about the actual image and even image sitemaps to ensure search engines can understand things better. 

I hope this does get rolled out as it certainly can be a bigger argument towards the naysayers about why it is so important to have a multi-content marketing strategy in place and not just providing the real basic text information. 


Google Best Guess Snippet in Search Results

Spotted an interesting snippet at the top of the Google search results yesterday when having a snoop around. The query was for “Who owns Expedia” and Google is showing me a ‘Best Guess’. This seems to be a test at the moment as I haven’t been able to spot any other queries where this shows, although Mark Rushworth spotted a this with a different query yesterday too, “BP Country”. 

Could this be a more towards more directly answering questions opposed to listing websites that could answer the question? Who knows, but thought I would share. 


Do You Have Positive Reviews?

It looks like Google is doing more tests along the lines of reviews. Recently there has been a lot of information regarding places pages and the amount of reviews showing next to that business

Then there was the announcement by Google that any negative reviews can actually harm your rankings in their blog post, Being bad for your customers is bad for business

Now Google is testing showing reviews similar to the places pages within the CPC adverts

Currently it looks like these reviews are from ReviewCentre only, although I imagine this will soon become aggregated from various sources as Google finds new places to pull information from.

So to summarise, has your website got enough positive reviews to benefit from the new listings within the places pages and the CPC ads? Will Google begin to put a higher weight towards positive reviews within its normal organic rankings?

Only time will tell I guess, but for the time being make sure your business is getting reviewed in the correct locations!!