To Do List In Google Python Tutorial #Fail

Spotted another school boy error today by Google, with them leaving their ‘to-do list’ in their Python Tutorial



Google are on fire today with their mistakes. Keep them coming, it makes for great blog posts :-) 



Missing Meta Title On Google Keyword Tool #Fail

Spotted a rather ironic meta title when searching on Google today for “Google keyword tool” as seen below. 


Strangely though when checking in the source code for the meta title there is a meta title present.



It could have been that this was missing the last time Google crawled the page, who knows, but at least the Google Keyword Tool is actually working that is all that matters. 



Google’s GTISTM Algorithm Failing

Sorry Google people if I haven’t got the technical term correct here, but this is what I like to call the GTISTM Algorithm – The ‘Google Thinks Its Smarter Than Me’ Algorithm.

I saw very strange behavior yesterday whereby the results were completely wrong. The GTISTM Algorithm can be very useful for typo’s and such like, but not in this instance where by a valid search phrase is totally ignored and showing results for a different search query to users.

I am guessing this was just a glitch as I couldn’t seem to replicate it once it happened- but may be worth looking into…


New Google Keyword Tool – Fail

Although I do like the new keyword tool from Google where it separates out the items you searched for from the keyword ideas, there is just one massive bug in this new system.

As SEO’s we all know the most useful data is the ‘Exact’ match keyword data since the broad match data is a little too unreliable. When selecting to view only the exact match data it doesn’t seem to respect your selections – it displays the exact match and the broad match data within the ‘Search Terms’ section. If I say I am not interested in the broad match data then do not show it to me.



Can you please fix this Google! This makes keyword research extremely difficult when coping all of this data into excel as you have to keep checking the left column to see if you are looking at the exact or broad match data, very annoying. This really shouldn’t have been released into the wild without this being fixed…


Incorrect Date in Meta Description – Google Failing

It seems that Google hasn’t quite fixed its algorithm which aims to pick up the date from blog posts.

The date shown in the meta description is for 10th December 2010, although when you actually look at the blog post below

You can see that the date is actually 21st December 2010. Surely we as webmasters should not have to organise our dates in a way where Google can read them. If Google is going to decide what data they show in the snippet (apparently due to webmasters spamming) then they need to be making sure that their algorithm is spot on as it has a decremental effect on websites which appear not to be updating content as frequently.

Please Google fix this!!! It has been reported by an awful lot of people but nothing seems to be getting done about it.


Google Failing – Video in SERPs

Google Video Listings in the SERPs – Getting it wrong again…

With this result showing, you would expect a video on the website wouldn’t you?

When visiting the Telegraph’s website there is no sign of a video on the page!

Come on Google this is a school boy error. What happened to all that “best content for the users” spiel….

The items discussed in the article are certainly ‘interesting’ although there are better ways to earn an extra income.