Effective Email Marketing from Nike

Recently I have got into running and decided to buy a pair of Nike+ trainers with the cool insert that goes into the shoe.

As usual when you buy something new, you use it like crazy and I even signed up to the Nike+ website where you can monitor your progress over time which is really useful to see how you are improving. Recently though I have stopped using the application to track my running, as I have been doing a little less running than when I first started and more other exercise.

So since I haven’t uploaded any new runs recently I received a nice email from Nike today who have ‘noticed’ this too.

What a great way to get people back using their product!

How to measure this success in terms of bottom line sales? Very difficult, and wouldn’t be ┬ávery actionable anyway since it would only be identifying what they are already doing. Get people using the consumable (albeit, long term consumable) product more and they will buy a new pair of trainers sooner than they would have normally. It may also get people into doing more exercise in general which will help sales across the board for Nike.

Great way to communicate Nike, not sales orientated, very relaxed tone plus the opportunity to win money. Other large brands could take note of this style / method of informed communication to customers.