Google’s Anti-Competitive Social Search Results

This post is a bit of a rant so don’t read if you love and believe everything Google says….

It does get on my nerves sometimes how Google always bangs on about how everything it does is “good for the user”. Rubbish is what I say. When searching for “GoDaddy” yesterday I noticed another push towards Google’s own products again;



Yes there it is, more Google+ in your face. But it did get me wondering if the same was happening for Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts. Surely if Google honestly believed in providing things which are best for the user the same ‘latest post’ would also show for the other social networks? Well I certainly can’t see anything listed on that search results for anyone but Google’s own products for the generic “GoDaddy” search. 

So, how about I try a slightly different search query to try and ‘force’ Google to show this content, a search for “GoDaddy Facebook“;



What?!? Where? I see nothing! Surely if this is best for the user then Google would also show GoDaddy’s latest post on Facebook too? Something is smelling fishy here to me….

Ok, I’ll give Google the benefit of the doubt here and maybe Larry & Sergey just don’t like Mark Zuckerberg that much. After all, Mark has just become extremely wealthy and passed them on the ‘Scale of Super-rich-ness’, maybe Larry and Sergey are simply jealous? 


Larry Page’s Wealth


Sergey Brin’s Wealth


Mark Zuckerberg’s Wealth



How about Twitter and LinkedIn then, surely they display the same ‘latest post’ information if Google is really providing what is “best for the user”?

Search for “GoDaddy Twitter“;



Search for “GoDaddy LinkedIn“;




Nope, nothing at all for anything except Google’s own products. Anti-competitive? Or was their development team only half way through this project and decided to take a nice holiday for a few months until they can implement it for the other social networks? I wonder!?! 

No skin off my nose here as I don’t own any of those social networks if I did, I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog post if I did – instead I would probably be writing to the European Commission about how Google is abusing their power in the search market…..oh wait….looks like they already have

Seriously Google, this “good for the user” nonsense is not fooling anyone. 


< /rant>


Addition (23rd May 2012);

Spotted another example of how anti-competitive Google are….

Google+ being promoted



How this would look in a competitive world which is ‘best for the user’;






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