Google Is Getting Slow At Indexing Content

At least compared to when they had their deal with Twitter which began in October 2009. Unfortunately this deal ended on 2nd July2011 and I have certainly noticed that my blog posts are taking a lot longer to be indexed. 

Back when the deal was in place Google was extremely fast at indexing content, to the point where by if you tweeted the content it would be in Google’s index within minutes. 

Although recently I posted about my 13 SEO predictions for 2012 on 2nd January, yet two full days later and when I try and find my content on Google (yes I do check to see where I am ranking for my own things – sad I know) and Google still hasn’t got around to indexing my content!


What? Are you blind Google? I have a sitemap submitted to you via Google Webmaster Tools, which is clearly being ignored. What more do you want me to do? I am already giving it to you on a plate and you are refusing to eat! 

Anyways, I have just installed PubSubHubBub to see if this has any impact on the speed of indexation (this is kind of like forced feeding opposed to just being offered food I guess) so I will monitor any impact this has over the next few weeks and months. 

It would be great if someone could create a plugin similar to WordPress to Twitter  but for posting to a Google+ profile, then this may again help speed up the indexation speed for Google. 

Come on Google, it seems like you are taking a step back here!

(or it could be that Google decided my blog is ‘not worthy’ and this is just a long winded rant over nothing :-) )

Update: 16th January 2012

Thought I would update this blog post with my findings and conclusion regarding the PubSubHubBub plugin. My hope was that this would help speed up the indexation process for my new content. Did it work? No

I posted some information yesterday about CCTLDs vs DIRs Pros and Cons when scaling a website into multiple languages/markets, and here we are a full 24 hours later and Google still doesn’t know about my content. Shame shame shame. It could be several days before Google was aware the world was ending, if I posted about that on my blog :-) 



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4 thoughts on “Google Is Getting Slow At Indexing Content”

  1. Despite Google Webmaster Tools saying all pages are indexed from submitted site map on our accountancy firms website, google search servers don’t seem to be showing updated results anywhere near as fast as they use it. This includes change to titles, descriptions, rich snippets and content.

    So it looks like they are indexing just as fast, it’s just the results index is not being processed as quickly.

    Also seeing sync issues with their servers. Some queries produce older titles than others – including updates to places company names.

    Perhaps the new algorithms are much heavier to process?!

    1. Rich snippets can take up to three months to show in Google, and even then it is totally up to Google who decide if your website gets them or not – even if they are marked up correctly.

      It is possible that their new algorithms are taking longer to run, although Caffine which was introduced a couple of years ago was designed to improve this problem. The more recent algorithm changes such as Google Panda and Penguin are run totally separate to the main ranking algorithm so these wouldn’t be slowing anything down in this sense. I guess the only way to know for sure what is going on is by working on the processing scripts at Google.

      As for the syncing issues, again I believe Google made some changes a couple of years ago which was designed to fix this issue. While it still likely exists as data is populated to the different servers, it shouldn’t be as bad as it used to be. In the past there was something what was known as the “Google Dance” which you are describing that showed significantly different results depending on where/when you searched.

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